Worm Castings (Worm Compost) 50 lt View full size

Worm Castings (Worm Compost) 50 lt

Premium quality organic fertiliser with Lignohumate. Suitable for: flower-boxes, indoor plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees, and lawn. The product of Californian Red Worms, no chemicals added. Certified Organic Farming Product.

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Enhances seed germination, growth, and the overall plant vitality. 

Increases amount of flowers up to three times , thus multiplying fruit amount. Fruits also ripen earlier. 

Improves plants' resistance to pests and disease, and stress. 


  • Add 15 % to purchased growing mixes.
  • Planting: add 100-200 gr. (depending on plant type) under the seedling mixing castings with the soil
  • Sawing: sprinkle 200-400 gr. on area 1m2 and mix shallow, for grass: 1,-1,5 litre
  • Transplatning: mix with soil 1 : 10-15, cover roots and water well
  • Fertilising
    • trees and ahrubs: add 500-2000 gr. to the roots and mix with the soil
    • indoor plants: add 30-50 gr. once in three months depending on plant species and size (1 tablespoon 3 times a year for pot 15-20 cm in diameter)
    • lawn – sprinkle 0,5-2 lt/m2 1-2 times / year and shallow mix with rake, water 
  • Compost speed-up
    • add about 3-4 l to 1m3 grass clippings and water gently


Prevents soil exhaustion and restores microbial activity of sterile soil degraded by inorganic fertilizers.

Made in the Czech Republic

Weight: 27 kg