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HBABio, spol. s r. o. - company profile

The HBABio company was founded in 2003, its aims being to create better conditions for collection of biodegradable waste and to raise public awareness of the issue of responsible biowaste disposal. Experience from abroad showed that among the most effective means of encouragement rank biodegradable bags made of biodegradable plastic. It was HBABio who introduced these products into Czech and Slovakian markets in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The company chose to import granulate from NOVAMONT, an Italian company, and began to produce sachets, bags, sacks and dog waste bags.

For its product Compostable carrier bag HBABio holds the Environmental Product Declaration Certificate of Compliance according to ISO 14025.
HBABio's main business focus is wholesale dealing of products facilitating biowaste separation and composting. Our business partners consist of market chains, wholesalers but also individual stores. Strong attention is also given to supporting biowaste separation in cities, towns and municipalities. At present, HBABio supplies the markets of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

At programmes for advancing responsible biowaste disposal, HBABio cooperates closely with the NGO EKODOMOV. The company also partners the organizing of awareness-raising programmes and of nationwide campaigns for the advancement of separate biowaste collection in municipalities, companies, public institutions, schools and homes. HBABio supports EKODOMOV to create its own financing sources by rerouting its retail outlet to the EKODOMOV e-shop.

HBABio partners the statewide long-run project “Kompostuj.cz” which is realized by EKODOMOV. By distributing information about the initiative to its product buyers, HBABio contributes significantly to this education and awareness-raising campaign.

In the long term, HBABio has been cooperating, among others, with such institutions and organizations as these:
ČZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)
SZÚ (The National Institute of Public Health)
VUZT (Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering)
CZ Biom – Czech Biomass Association